The Idea (continued)

The goals of the course
This course for current and future actors in the new east European market economies provides managers with the knowledge needed to control and develop a company in a positive direction.

The fundamental goal of the course is to present rational economic thinking. In order to do so we use a thoroughly developed pedagogical technique which can be employed in a teacher led situation as well as in self-studies.

A course for top and middle management
This material is well suited for university courses in business administration and management as well as for retraining of company personnel.

In company training programmes the course is primarily designed for decision-makers in the top and middle management in large companies who need basic knowledge about economic concepts. Naturally, people who are starting their own new businesses or who are already established businessmen will also benefit from this knowledge.

Fundamental business economic relations
The course gives a basic understanding of the relations between concepts used in business economics and of the economic effects of company decision-making about current and future business activities. The course is primarily devoted to accounting methods and techniques essential for the company management and its analysis of the economic situation in the companies. More practically oriented techniques are only dealt with if they serve to explain general relationships.

The economic reasoning and methods of analysis that are presented in the course are useful even for a company that does not have a market type management accounting system today. Thus, the course primarily wants to stimulate an economic way of thinking rather than a mechanically learning of specific techniques.


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