What's Next? (continued)

How to arrange a course
There are certain essential steps in the preparation for a course like this. You have to make a realistic assessment of the following issues:

What are the educational needs?
There is a tremendous need for business education in Russia and in the countries of the former Soviet Union. (Even in a small country like Sweden at every university this course is given twice a year for new students of business management.) The problem is to estimate the number of students who might want to take the course during a particular semester.

What are the funding possibilities?
The Russian organization that wishes to arrange courses in management accounting based on the present material should carefully consider all available funding opportunities. Clearly, the topic for this course is considered central for the improvement of corporate governance and improving corporate governance is a favoured theme of international funding agencies. To be successful proposals for joint educational activities should preferably be initiated by the Russian partner.

Until recently the main funding for courses based on this educational material was kindly provided by the Swedish development aid organizations SIDA and the Swedish Institute. However, since the spring of 1995, courses have also been conducted on a strictly commercial basis, with Uppsala University providing the tuition for all in all 240 managers belonging to the Russian oil holding company Sidanko. Courses were conducted at its subsidiaries in Nizhnyvartovsk, Raduzhny, Saratov and Izhevsk.

Who will "run the show"?
Our experience shows that success in establishing such an educational collaboration project requires that authority is delegated to a dedicated and deeply engaged individual who is given the opportunity to devote his/her time and efforts to the realization of the plans. There must be a wholehearted commitment.


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