The Product:
A course material in Russian

The self-study course "Modern Management Accounting" consists of the following three parts:

q Part 1: Financial Accounting

q Part 2: Product Costing and Capital Budgeting

q Part 3: Accounting for Cost Flows

The course package also contains a Study Guide which summarizes the contents of the course and gives the student detailed reading instructions. The Guide also contains a list of concepts used in the course with explanations in Russian.

Each part is based on the same pedagogical structure. In terms of contents the three parts are cumulative so that part 2 presupposes knowledge contained in part 1 and part 3 presupposes knowledge contained in part 1 and part 2. The course is completely self-instructive.

You may read more about the contents of the individual parts of the course if you follow the links in the right hand column.

The structure of the course
The design of the course material is based on experiences from pedagogical research showing that it is easier to learn and use knowledge which

  • is logically structured,
  • has been presented both orally and in writing,
  • has been actively processed by the reader,
  • is related to the reader's own experience.

Each one of the three parts of the course material therefore contains the following building blocks:

  • A textbook with all the theoretical knowledge required in order to understand the topic.
  • An exercise book filled with practical examples and exercises of varying degree of difficulty.
  • Solutions to the exercises with step-by-step explanations so that your own work can easily be verified.
  • A number of audio cassettes with explanations and comments on certain key exercises.
To the third part of the course there is also a manual and a computer program and data for realistic accounting exercises.

The whole course will require at least two months full time study for most students to adequately master its contents. However, it is advisable to study the course on part time for a period of four to eight months. Study at your own speed but schedule your studies carefully. The best result is reached with short but regular working spells. Remember that self-study requires discipline. Whether or not the studies will be successful is primarily dependent on motivation - on the fact that you are really interested in learning, that you understand the reasons for the studies and realise what use you will have of your new knowledge.


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