The Product:

The Study Guide

The Study Guide is an addition to the course material "Modern Management Accounting". It contains an overview of the contents of the course, detailed reading instructions and a list of concepts (with explanations) used in the course.

The Study Guide contains 82 pages most of which have been used as a basis for the present web presentation. (To read about the respective parts of the course you should go the previous page and then click in the right hand margin on the part you wish to read.)

You are welcome to download a somewhat abbreviated English version of the Study Guide. Russian speaking readers may want to download the original Russian version of the Study Guide. (The Russian version is an exact copy of the published Study Guide containing a complete Russian-English dictionary with short explanations of the concepts used in the course. The dictionary with explanations is omitted in the English version.) See instructions for downloading below!

How to download the Study Guide

You may chose to download a Postscript (PS) file (which could be copied to a postscript printer), or a Portable Document Format (PDF) file (which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, a browser plugin, to be viewed).
English version (PS, 550 KB)
English version (PDF file, 140 KB)
Russian version (PDF file, 483 KB)     New!
Adobe Acrobat Reader (Free)